The Doll 2 Spanish kickass Full Movie Torrent

The Doll 2 Spanish kickass Full Movie Torrent


The Doll 2 Spanish kickass Full Movie Torrent

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The Doll 2

The young daughter of Aldo and 2Maira the doll, died Kayla in a car accident. Maira Aldo down and drowned in their work. Six months later, on Kayla’s birthday things start to happen weird Maira: TV breaks down; Hey, a child’s voice is needed; A favorite Kayla Sabrina doll is usually ready. Maira they are no longer alone and Elsa feels, her friend who aconséllana tried Kayla Sabrina as media to contact. Shortly thereafter, is the MairaconvencidoQueist spiritKayla interrupts it. Maira is to say Aldo, but her husband refuses to believe. So she enlists Bu Lara’s help and fruit. The two researchers Hells who had experienced before something the same year ago, but Mrs. Lara feel that this is worse than the previous one.


Classification: NA

General Release Date: July 27, 2017

Genre: Horror

Duration: Not available

Sales: GSC Movies

Starring: Luna Maya, Junot, Sara Wijayanto, MarySabta

Director: Rocky Soraya

Type: 2D

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