Tokyo Ghoul 2017 Free Download Torrent

Tokyo Ghoul 2017 Free Download Torrent


Tokyo Ghoul 2017 Free Download Torrent

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Tokyo Ghoul 2017

Tokyo GhoulIn a world where spirits, people who can survive only by eating human flesh, under a normal person who lives in secrecy, is known Ken Kaneki unconscious of the so-called. Bad spirit Kamishiro Rize. Rize attacks him, but he died in a car accident before he can be completed. Ken was sent to hospital,Where he was subjected to surgery and this Rise organ transplanted into it, in an effort to save his life, and thus turn him into a half-wise vampire. Now, as usual the spirit must know manusiamakan wilom the body that he lives.

Languages: Japanese

Classification: NA

General Release Date:September 28, 2017

Genre: Action / Drama / Horror

Walking time: Not available

Distributor: TGV Pictures

Cast: Masataka Kubota, Fumika Shimizu, Yu Aoi, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Yo Oizumi

Directed by: Kentaro Hagiwara

Format: 2D

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